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Discovering the Villepinte exhibition centre

Since its opening in 1982, the Villepinte Exhibition Centre has been considered one of the main exhibition venues in the Paris region.
Around fifty trade fairs are held there all year round.

One of the main exhibition venues in France

The Exhibition Centre mainly hosts trade fairs such as Eurosatory (military trade fair), Industrie Expo, or Equip Auto. Due to its proximity to Roissy Charles De Gaulle International Airport and the large hotel capacity of the area and the Ile-de-France region, the park can accommodate a multitude of international lounges. The proximity and accessibility to Paris by public transport as well as by road, which are current assets of the place, will be further strengthened by the future establishment of a station.

The park has a star-shaped geographical layout, organized around a gallery giving access to all the halls, the various types of flows do not meet in this way, visitors have the opportunity to move around the halls without even being aware of the logistics in motion at the back.

An ambitious expansion project

Thanks to its extension project, the Villepinte Exhibition Centre is destined to become one of the largest exhibition centres in the world. The aim is to increase its capacity to 350.000m² of covered exhibition space.
The extension project includes the opening of Hall 7, with new exhibition areas ranging from 150 to 150.000 m² and an outdoor presentation area.

A “Cité de l’Exposition” is also planned, with a dimension of 150.000 m², this building should house training structures as well as exhibition and event professionals (logisticians, technicians, service providers, etc.). The building will have space for the installation of technical equipment, storage of materials and furniture, as well as a device for the evacuation of materials.

The different exhibition centres


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